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Course Preview

Published on 09/15/17 by

Since some trainings require payment for the course, users now have the ability to preview the course before enrolling and paying for it. Managers can set a lesson as a preview, or create a separate course to serve as a preview course.


How much of the course will users get to see in the preview?

This is up to the trainer or manager of the course. Trainers may create a short "preview course" or make the entire course available as a preview. Of course, this will not count as completing the course.

Are previews only available for paid trainings?

No, but the main purpose for previewing is to allow users to make sure they want to take the course before paying.

Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to use and create course previews:


Training Certificates

Published on 09/14/17 by

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The latest feature on the Safety Spot module is Training Certificates. This allows users to download a certification showing completion of a training course. The certificate is downloaded as a PDF as can be printed directly from the site. Managers are also able to generate and print multiple certificates for users.


When will my Training Certificate be available for download and printing?

You will be able to generate and print your certificate upon completion of the course, and after any approval needed by the manager or trainer has been fulfilled.

Are users able to print all of their certificates in one place the way managers can?

No, not at this time. Users must print certificates individually by course. Only managers are able to generate all of a users certificates at the same time.

Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to generate and print Training Certificates.


Merchant Accounts

Published on 08/29/17 by

New Feature for Training Center

SafetySpot has launched a new feature for the Training Center. Training managers may now charge and receive payment for trainings directly through the training center, instead of going through SafetySpot administrators. Training managers must set up a merchant account either as an individual or business, with a valid checking or venmo account. All you will need is your information, or legal business information, and banking information.

New Feature FAQs

Will the amount paid be sent directly to me?

Yes, instead of going through SafetySpot first, monies paid will be sent directly to the account information you add when setting up the merchant account.

Do I have to have a business account?

No, you can also set up to receive payment as an individual and personal banking information.

Are we able to issue a refund directly through the merchant account?

Yes, issuing a refund is simple and available directly through the merchant account.

Setting up a Merchant Account

Follow this link for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use the Safety Spot’s new merchant account feature.


Training Sets

Published on 08/09/17 by

New Feature for Training

SafetySpot has launched a new feature for the Training Center. Training managers may now group a number of trainings under one set for an organization. When going into the training manager to add a new training, there is now the option to add, or begin, a training set. From there individual trainings may be added. Training sets previously added, along with all of the lessons attached, may also be added to a new training set in its entirety. For example, if 3 lessons were added to a lab safety training set, this entire set including the 3 lessons can be added to a new hire training set, if needed.

New Feature FAQs

How many lessons can we put into one training set?

There is currently no limit on the number of trainings that may go into a set.

Are trainers able to view enrollment by training set?

Yes, there is an option to view enrollment under details of a training set.

When will I need to import a training set?

Importing training sets can be useful for different reasons. You may need to import a training set if some of the lessons required are the same for another training set. Also, for restricted access equipment, managers may import the entire training set needed for access to that equipment.

Using Training Sets

Follow this link for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use the Safety Spot’s new training feature!


Personnel Management

Manager Password Reset

Published on 07/07/17 by

What's New?

A new feature on the Safety Spot module allows managers to quickly and easily send individual members of their organization a link to reset their password.


When would a manager need to do this?

This reset feature can be used when a member forgets their password or when they are unable to login for any other reason.

Are members able to reset their password on their own?

Yes, members can independently reset their password by going to Safety Spot's sign in screen and clicking on the Forgot your password? link

Where are the reset password instructions sent?

The instructions are sent to the email or phone number the user initially used to create their account. For security reasons, this can not be edited by a manager.

Quick Steps to Reset Password

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Personnel Management

Personnel Management: New Layout & Training Reminders

Published on 07/07/17 by

New Dashboard Layout

Managers now have the option to view the member list in a table view. With this layout, managers are able to see, along with the contact info and other information, which members have incomplete training assignments pending. Managers may also quickly send a reminder to the member, via email or text, to complete this assignment.


What does the check-mark under training mean?

A check-mark under training indicates that this member has no incomplete or pending assignments.

What is a training reminder?

Safety Spot will remind all users of any required training that they have not yet completed. However, a manager can now send the user an email or text message reminder that they have outstanding required training.

How do I assign required training?

There are several ways to assign required training to a user's curriculum. For more information, you can check out our How To on assigning training to users!

Dashboard View

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Reports For Site Activity

Published on 07/07/17 by

Stay Current with Site Activity Reports

Safety Spot now has a new feature for managers to report and communicate any events that took place at a particular site. If any work needs to be done and reported to the organization, managers can go into Reports and record events pertinent to the site. This feature includes the ability to attach equipment to the report, if the report includes a particular piece of equipment that may have been damaged or malfunctioning in some way, i.e. smoking, won't turn on, or making noises. From there, managers can update reports by marking any action taken and recording the service order number for this repair reaction.

Using this feature, managers may also generate a report for any date or dates, and view all activity for that time frame. This report may be printed or downloaded as a pdf.

New Feature FAQs

What is a Site Activity Report?

A Site Activity Report is a feature that lets users record daily activities. This is ideal for routine inspections or equipment logging. Dates and activities for each entry, along with the selected equipment, are saved for future data analysis.

Who has access to this feature?

Users with manager status are able to create, edit, and delete activities. Regular users are able to view reports posted to the bulletin board.

Can I add equipment from this feature?

Yes, a manager is able "Quick Add" equipment from this feature.

Am I able to view a summary of the activities?



New Training Feature: Sessions

Published on 06/27/17 by

New Training Feature

Safety Spot has launched a new feature for trainers. The training management module now includes Training Sessions. Training Sessions allow trainers to create and manage training sessions within the online training module. Trainers can now create sessions, such as a fall or spring sessions. Sessions may be toggled opened and closed to better manage enrollment and required trainings.

New Feature FAQs

Can students enroll in a closed session?

No, when enrolling in a course, students are only able to view and enroll in open sessions. Closed session will not show up in the selection bar.

Is there a limit on the number of enrollments for a session?

Not at the moment. Our team is actually working to implement this feature soon.

Can a student change their session enrollment?

The enrolled session may be changed; however, this must be done by a trainer.

If a student cancels a training, will a refund be issued?

If a refund is required, please contact Safety Spot at

Using the Sessions feature

Follow this link for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use Safety Spot’s new feature!